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Electro Static Powder Coating

PTC uses electrostatic powder coating system for it final coating of the metal products manufactured. It is one of the biggest facilities in Cebu. It has 250m length, 7 tons load capacity and can accommodate up to 2m product length. This electrostatic powder coating system provides a long lasting appearance of the product of approximately 25 years or more and it is applicable both indoor and outdoor. Powder coating is a technique of applying dry paint to a part. The powder paint is electro-statically charged and sprayed. A part or assemblies are then placed in an oven which normally operates a running temperature of 180 degrees Celsius and the powder particles melt and coalesce to form a continuous film. PTC uses thermosetting powders that will not melt upon reheating. Powder coating produces a high specification coating which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant and tough. Our coating thickness ranges from 50 microns and above. Although not metallurgic ally bonded to the metal, this powder coating will not crack, chip or peel as with conventional paint films taking into considerations its metal surface preparation before the main process occur.