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Philippine Tonan Corporation (PTC) was incorporated in the Philippines and registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 21, 1989. Its corporate mission is to continuously produce in large quantity high quality products for the maximum satisfaction of its customers. It has a vision to become global producer of high technology products.

On August 2, 1989 the company secured registration from the Export Processing Authority (EPZA) now Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as a manufacturer of water supply hardware, kitchen apparatus & equipment and other plastic & metal based products for export. On December 1990, PTC started its commercial operation and successfully exported containerized products to its customers in Japan.

Guided by its corporate mission to produce quality products. PTC sometime in year 1996 expanded its production capability that included manufacture of furniture made of wood or made of metal that were shipped out to United States of America. Sometime in year 2001. PTC further expanded into fabrication of dehumidifying boxes for export to Japan and designing and fabrication of machine sold to export oriented enterprises registered at PEZA.

Anticipating the effect of globalization.PTC management has taken advance steps to cushion its negative impact, if any, to the company. Management strongly believed that the manufacturing sector shall slowdown its output demand in the very near future. Taking consideration of such forecast, a concept started to shape in June 2005, and that is to establish a HOT-DIP GALVANIZING factory.

With the financial and technical support of our parent and sister companies in Japan, that big project rolled on. On June 13, 2007, the PEZA approved the company’s application for registration of its new major project HOT- DIP GALVANIZING factory. On February 2008, it started commercial operation with customer mostly heavy industries companies engage in shipbuilding and power plant.

PTC mission is to provide our client or customer for useful information about our company so that it’s easier to make ,do business with us and also we can provide quotations and sample making or vice versa during office hours.

Philippine Tonan Corporation’s is located at the 3rd street, Mactan Economic Zone 1, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015.

With eighty-eight (88) working personnel as of October 15, 2009, PTC ventures in an extensive technology enhancement program in order to continue develop innovative products and services that offer superb quality for the benefits and satisfaction of its customers.


Name Philippine Tonan Corporation
Date of Incorporation July 21, 1989
Capitalization Authorized CapitalPhp 112,158,300.00

Paid Up CapitalPhp 67,841,700.00

Shareholders Tonan Company Ltd., Japan99%


President Mr. Atsushi Itokawa
Land Area Total16,153 Square meters

Factory13,650 Square meters

Employees 100 people (as of 2023)


Philippine Tonan Corportation commits to provide high quality products and excellent galvanizing service to our customers, the organization continually exerts effort to improve and strengthen its quality system and procedure to ensure optimum product quality and robust services are delivered on time and exceeding customer satisfaction, be compliant with all clients, regulatory, and statutory requirements, promote continual improvement by effectively utilizing the quality management system.”

December 9, 2022


1. We aim to improve customer service and strive to manufacture high quality products based on international standards in all aspects of quality control.

2. We are working hard every day so that we can provide our customers with reliable products which in return gives our employees growth and happiness.

3. We will contribute to the society by creating disruptive innovation which transforms into products and services utilizing and training our excellent group of engineers & technicians.

4. We will never forget the “Feeling of Cherishing the Resources” to revitalize and seize every opportunity.

5. As a member of Ohmori Group of Companies, the creative group, we will execute their ideas into products and services that provide safety and comfort for peoples lives today and in the future.


Philippine Tonan Corporation in the next five years will be the top and leading metal manufacturer and galvanizer in its locality, in the country and all over the world.

December 9, 2022


Corporate Address
3rd street, Mactan Economic Zone 1 Lapu-Lapu City , Cebu Philippines 6015

Phone Numbers
(6332) 3400466 connecting all dept.
(6332) 3400471
(6332) 3412880 direct line – Japanese Director

(6332) 3400465

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