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Electro Polishing

Our company use Electro Polishing for our stainless industrial products that requires smooth and brilliant finish. Electro Polishing is an electrochemical process that removes material from a metallic work piece. It is use to polish, passivate and deburr metal parts or assemblies. The metal work piece is immersed in a temperature controlled of approximately 60 degrees Celsius to an electrolytic bath and connected to the positive terminal of a DC power supply; the negative terminal being attached to an auxiliary electrode. Electrolytes us in Electro Polishing are most often concentrated acid solutions having viscosity such as mixtures of sulfuric and phosphoric acid. The surface of the product being immersed is clean and may require little or no preparation for subsequent use. It also minimizes loss of high-temp creep-rupture strength. Our tank dimension is 2.5mLx0.478mWx0.71mH.


Hot-Dip Galvanizing (Cebu)

The hot-dip galvanizing of Philippine Tonan Corporation is one of the best and the biggest in region 7 specifically in Cebu. It gives services to one of the biggest shipbuilding in the country.

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Agricultural Processing

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Metal Parts Manufacturing

In the making of metal parts and assemblies, Philippine Tonan Corporation uses the following machineries: metal shearing, numeric control punch, press and bending machines.

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